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How Sex Work Has Made Me More Responsible

Okay, so I have decided to start a blog. And I think that my first topic is going to be how sex work made me an on-time person. Because previous to sex work, as anybody in my life knows, I’ve never been on time for anything. 

But when I started to charge for my time I realized that I had to actually be on time because you were paying for my time and it wasn’t going to work really well from a customer service perspective to say the least. So yeah, um time management and Being on time. It’s funny.

And now I’m learning safe office, which is really interesting because I’m just not an organized person by nature. I’m very active naturally and so to sit down and learn how to organize contacts and notes and keep everything straight and follow up, well it’s a huge learning curve for me. There’s a lot of emails that are irrelevant and there’s a lot of phone calls that are relevant. There’s so many text messages that are irrelevant. So many. But they might be relevant later, so where do I save the? It’s all these things that I’ve been like how does everybody do this ? 

I’ve been picking up bits and pieces along the way. But it’s not like we really have a centralized water cooler we all congregate around and exchange notes and tips…

So you’re kind of out there on your own trying to find these tools. You know thank the Galactica for the internet and lt makes me think how the game was so different pre-interwebs… but that’s a completely different blog I’ll dive into another day…

So yes I completely blame becoming a professional, on time, organized businesswoman on sex work and I’m not mad about it. Hahaha. Until next time my lovelies, keep it real and stay trill forever.

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